About Us

The BAT Story…

The story begins in 1968 when Tucson businessman, Mr. Lou Davignon, was on a business trip to Phoenix. He was a guest, at a “leads club” luncheon. Impressed with the concept, he decided to form a similar club in the Tucson area. Lou Davignon contacted other interested businessmen and on October 17, 1968, the Businessmen’s Association of Tucson (“BAT”) was born. The men elected to meet on Wednesdays at 7:00 am. Other new members were recruited. The group ultimately changed its name to the Business Association of Tucson. Today, the number of men and women in the association is almost equal. There are a number of original members in the club who mix well with the younger generations of business people.

BAT held its weekly meetings at such places as The Arizona Inn, The Four Seasons Hotel restaurant, the Aztec Motel restaurant, and Mimi’s Cafe. In 2015, the group relocated to a locally owned restaurant on Tanque Verde Road and continue to meet every Wednesday morning at Poco & Mom’s Cantina.

The basic purpose of the club remains the same today as it was fifty years ago — to benefit the members by exchanging all forms of business leads and information and to refer business to the members. The club attempts to avoid civic, philanthropic and political activities since all of its members are actively engaged in such activities outside of BAT.

Any summary of BAT would be lacking if it did not address the fact that it has always consisted of a group of persons who not only want to assist one another by referring as much business as possible to each other but it is also a very fun-loving, social group of individuals who can withstand much good-natured ribbing and levity.

The Business Association of Tucson remains a non-profit organization firmly committed to serving its members by improving and building their individual businesses and professions. Attending meetings regularly helps members see a kaleidoscope of information affecting the entire business community thereby broadening the members’ knowledge of what is happening in the Tucson community-at-large.

BAT is always looking for prospective new members who enjoy good camaraderie while improving their business potential.